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Top Nepal Cruises

The main distinction of Nepal from other countries is the fact that it is a landlocked area nestled between India and China. It is bordered by the Himalayan mountain ranges and it has a very diverse topography, making it the perfect habitat for various species of flora and fauna.

Given its location, it is not surprising that Nepal is hailed as a top destination for hikers, trekkers, and mountaineers. With notable peaks such as the Mount Everest and numerous other peaks all over the country, it is easy to see that tourists flock to Nepal not for a cruise but for a hike or a trek. That said, if you are planning to go on a cruise, then you are better off picking a different Asian country, preferably one that is not landlocked. But that does mean that there is absolutely no way to go on a Nepal cruise?

Fortunately, there remains to be quite a few viable options.

Going on a Nepal cruise

If you are fixated on having a Nepal cruise, then there are a couple of things you must know. First, you have very limited options since the country is landlocked and there is not much going around the matter. Hence, you will have to content yourself with local cruises, typically along rivers within the country. Since Nepal is not exactly famous for its local cruises, you might find it quite challenging to find a lot of local cruising company.

In addition, such local cruises are not likely to last very long. After all, Nepal is quite a small country. If you want something a little more exciting, you might opt for international cruises that will pass by Nepal and other Asian countries. This way, you will be navigating international waters and will spend more time on the cruise ship. If you have a romantic getaway or an extended vacation in mind, this would be the better option for you.

Second, you should be ready to spend more if you intend on going on a Nepal cruise, mostly because this activity is not as popular and still quite exclusive.

Top Nepal cruise options

As previously mentioned, your options for cruising in Nepal are quite limited, so this list will be quite short. Your best bet is to check with your travel agent for Nepal cruise options to find out if there are seasonal offerings or if there are discounts you can avail of. If you are not planning to go through a travel agency, however, the following are good starting points:

1) Nepal River Cruises

Top Nepal CruisesIf you are planning to stay in a location where there are rivers, then you could check with local agents for the availability of river cruises. Note, however, that a local river cruise (that is, just within Nepal) is not likely to be very long, so if you have a long romantic cruise planned, this might not be the best option for you. Nonetheless, going on a river cruise is a great option if you just want to have a better view of the surrounding landscape, or if you want to enjoy the majestic Himalayan ranges without having to actually go hiking or trekking.

Alternatively, you can also embark on an inter-country river cruise. Since Nepal is situated near India, some travel companies actually offer river cruises running from New Delhi to Kathmandu and vice-versa, so if you have some time to spare and want to see India, anyway, then this might just be the perfect opportunity for you to do so. To save on the price of the cruise, inquire with the travel company as regards promotions and off-season rates. Likewise, make sure to check with the local agent if there are papers which you might have to prepare in order to be allowed to enter the port in New Delhi.

2) Inter-country Cruises Passing by Nepal

If you want to venture into the high seas, however, there remains another option for you, albeit a more expensive one. You can opt to go on a cruise passing by Nepal and going to other countries (for example, some agencies offer cruises from Nepal to Singapore and vice-versa). Note, however, that since the voyage is longer in this case, you will also have to pay more. In addition, you have to make sure that you have the necessary documentation for when you reach the port of the other country.

Finding a Nepal cruise option

Top Nepal CruisesFinding interesting and cost-effective Nepal cruise options is quite challenging since this service is really not all that popular in the country. When you do come across new cruise services, however, make sure to compare prices first and inquire if there is a possibility of a sale or a discount in the near future. A cruise is certainly relaxing and romantic but do not forget that Nepal has so much to offer, so it is not exactly a wise move blow off all your cash on a cruise alone.

Moreover, you must also ensure the safety of whatever cruise services you intend to avail of. Before shelling out cash or signing contracts, make sure to go through reviews from former customers first. It also would not hurt to ensure that proper safety mechanisms and measures are in place before embarking on a cruise.

Nepal might be a landlocked nation, but this does not mean that you cannot enjoy water sports and other water activities every so often. As long as you know where to look and what you are looking for, you are bound to find something that will match your interests. That said, do not hesitate to socialize with the locals and ask for their input. Who knows? They might be able to hook you with a good travel agent or travel company who can make your Nepal cruise dreams come true.

Whichever step you might decide to take, just always remember to do your research first and make sure that all safety precautions are in place and working properly. Have fun!

Popular Temples In Nepal

Housing no less than the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, the abundance of temples in Nepal is not at all surprising. In fact, if there is anything that would trump Nepal’s popularity for its mountain ranges, it would be the numerous temples located all over the country.

If you want to better understand the culture and heritage of Nepal, or if you simply want to wind down and marvel at these unique pieces of architecture, then you should not miss out on visiting some of the most popular temples in the country. If you are not sure which temples to visit first, here is a handy list of the most popular ones.

Popular temples in Nepal which you should definitely visit

This list is by no means an exhaustive list of all temples in Nepal, but if you have limited time for exploring the country, then this rundown is a good place to start:

1) Pashupatinath Temple

Temples In NepalThe Pashupatinath Temple is easily among the most popular and most revered temples in Nepal. This temple is devoted to Shiva and is considered among the Paadal Petra Sthalams (or the Holy Abodes of Shiva) in Asia. In addition, the264-hectare -complex housing the Pashupatinath Temple has been considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. If you do not have much time to visit other temples, then you should go Pashupatinath Temple instead so you can drop by any of the other 518 temples and monuments located in the same complex.

2) Changu Narayan Temple

Temples In NepalIf you want to see a temple with both religious and historical significance, then you should pay a visit to the Changu Narayan Temple, the oldest temple in Nepal. The said temples is adorned with the carvings of various Tantrik deities, as well as the stone statues of various animals. The Changu Narayan Temple features a two-tiered pagoda style architecture and is dedicated to Vishnu.

3) Muktinath Temple

Temples In NepalThis temple is located around 20 kilometers from Jomson and at a height of roughly 3800 meters above sea level. The Muktinath Temple holds significance for Buddhists and Hindus alike, so you will likely find a lot of people visiting the temple. The temple houses a life-sized golden statue of Sri Vishnu Bhagwan appearing as Sri Mukti Narayana, as well as bronze images of various other gods and goddesses.

4) Varaha Temple

Temples In NepalThe Varaha Temple is ranked as one of the four greatest pilgrimage sites for Hindus in Nepal. The temple is adorned with 5th-century sculptures. Out front lies a stone which supposedly tests how free an individual is from sins. Anyone who can manage to lift the stone is considered to be free of sins. The temple is also filled with boar statues dedicated to Varaha, the third avatar of Vishnu. It is believed that the Varaha Temple was built on the same spot where Vishnu in the form of Varaha Avatar killed Hiranyakashipu.

5) Manakamana Temple

Temples In NepalUnlike the previous temple which is dedicated to Vishnu, the Manakamana Temple is a shrine dedicated to the Goddess Parvati. People who visit the temple fervently believes that whoever worships the temple by their heart, selflessly, will have all of their dreams come true. The temple is constructed in a distinctive square shape and is right under a big magnolia tree.

6) Dakshinkali Temple

Temples In NepalLocated roughly 22 kilometers from Kathmandu, the Dakshinkali Temple is among the most revered temples for the Goddess Kali. During festivals, pilgrims flock to this temple to make animal sacrifices of cockerels and uncastrated male goats. The temple was built in the 14th century after the Goddess Kali supposedly appeared in the dream of a Malla King. Per the Goddess Kali’s command, the said king built the Dakshinkali Temple and adorned the same with four golden serpents, as well as the stone carvings of Bhairava, Asthamatrikas, and Ganesha.

7) Bajrayogini Temple

Temples In NepalThis temple is located in Bhaktapur and is dedicated to Bajrayogini, one of the goddesses of wisdom. The Bajrayogini Temple is a Tantrik temple. The main temple is eye-catching, having been made to be three stories high and with keen attention to details. The Bajrayogini Temple houses a statue of the goddess, featuring a red face with three eyes and carefully positioned and well-decorated hands and fingers.

8) Bangalamukhi Temple

Temples In NepalAs with the Bajrayogini Temple, the Bangalamukhi Temple is also dedicated to one of the 10 wisdom goddesses. The temple, like the goddess it reveres, symbolizes the potent female force, much like Bangalamukhi who is known to have turned defeats into victories and failures into achievements. The Bangalamukhi Temple is especially popular among young people in Nepal, particularly women. Unmarried devotees also visit the Bangalamukhi Temple in hopes of getting divine help in finding their desired spouses. Married couples, meanwhile, visit the temple to pray for good children.

9) Dantakali Temple

Temples In NepalThe Dantakali Temple is of interesting origin. The temple came to be because it is believed that its site is where Shiva dropped a tooth while roaming around after the death of Satidevi. In addition to the temple itself, the general area is also beautiful given the surrounding green hills. It also offers a great view of the Dharan Bazaar. The best time to visit the Dantakali Temple would be during the Dashain festival when devotees flock to the temple.

These are just some of the eight most popular temples in Nepal but, as mentioned in passing earlier, there are hundreds more in Nepal. In fact, complexes housing major temples tend to house other smaller temples. That said, you certainly would not have to worry about having difficulty finding temples in Nepal. Wherever you might decide to visit, you will certainly have no problem finding a temple there.

Nevertheless, if you are finding it a bit hard to choose which temples to visit first, the list above should be a good place to start. After all, these popular temples are popular among Nepalis and tourists alike for good reason. Regardless of your religious beliefs, you would certainly find these temples peaceful and enchanting in their own ways.

Top Museums to Visit in Nepal

Nepal might be incredibly popular for being a spectacular hiking and trekking destination, but exploring mountains and trails is certainly not the only activity you could do in the country. Nestled in the Himalayas, and in between China and India, Nepal has a rich history and a vibrant culture. That said, if you want to have the full Nepal experience, then you should certainly check out some of the country’s numerous museums.

In this article, we are rounding up some of the most popular museums in Nepal which every tourist should certainly visit. These museums are located in different locations all over the country and have interesting features on display.

What are the top museums in Nepal?

Museums are not a rarity in Nepal, but if you are having some trouble choosing a museum to visit, then this list should come in handy. Here are some of the top museums in Nepal which you should definitely check out:

1) Patan Museum

Regardless of what you have planned for your Nepal trip, paying a visit to the Patan Museum first is highly advisable, especially if you want to learn more about Nepali architecture. Paying a visit to the Patan Museum first will give you a better understanding of notable sites in Nepali.

The Patan Museum is located in what was formerly a royal palace at the Patan Durbar Square. The interiors of the museum have since been restored, making it easily one of the best museums in South Asia. It is a particularly great place for individuals who want to learn more about Buddhist and Hindu architecture, as well as individuals who are curious about religious crafts. And if you are planning to spend some time exploring Kathmandu, then the displays at the Patan Museum will definitely interest you.

2) Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Narayanhiti Palace MuseumWhile exploring Kathmandu, you might also want to drop by the Narayanhiti Palace Museum. The Palace was built in the 1960s and was a residential palace up until 2008, the year that Nepal finally became a republic.

The Narayanhiti Palace might not be as old or breathtaking as the Patan Museum or the Kathmandu Dubar Square, but it is nevertheless a striking structure. This palace museum features a tall white tower accentuating a traditional pagoda design. Inside the Narayanhiti Palace Museum, one can still see remnants of the glamorous life led by Nepal’s former royal family.

3) National Museum of Nepal

National Museum of NepalAlso found in Kathmandu is the National Museum of Nepal – the perfect spot to visit if you want to learn more not only about Nepal’s ancient, but also its modern history. Both the art and history galleries of the National Museum of Nepal feature various items, displays, and artifacts relating the country’s rich culture and history. Buddhist arts and artifacts are also on display, along with bronze sculptures and scroll paintings.

In addition to the noteworthy displays inside the National Museum Nepal, the museum itself is an architectural wonder. The buildings of the museum are roughly a century old and they all exude a certain old-world charm which is impossible to resist.

4) International Museum of Nepal

International Museum of NepalFor hiking, trekking, and mountaineering enthusiasts, the International Museum of Nepal located in Pokhara is a popular destination. The museum, with its displays, provide visitors with a fair idea of how Nepal has evolved to be the popular hiking destination that it is today.

The museum features the notable points with regard to mountaineering in Nepal, detailing popular mountains and notable mountaineers who have tried to conquer the country’s peaks. In addition to a quick overview of the mountaineering history of Nepal, the museum also features displays on flora and fauna that can be found in the numerous mountains of Nepal.

5) The Military Museum

The Military MuseumAnother unique museum located in Nepal is the military museum which, as you can easily guess, features displays relating to the Nepali military. The Military Museum serves as a walk-through as regards the battles fought by the Nepali military, making it a great destination for individuals who want to learn more about Nepal’s history.

In addition to its historical displays on the battles fought by Nepal, as well as on notable military heroes, the Military Museum also features noteworthy artifacts. On display, for example, are giant military tanks, as well as the very first Rolls-Royce in the country, a generous gift from none other than Queen Elizabeth.

6) Red House Kagbeni Gallery and Museum

Red House Kagbeni Gallery and MuseumWhen you hear the word “museum”, I am fairly sure that the first thing that comes to your mind are imposing structures and impressive, pristine galleries. That is certainly not the case with the Red House Kagbeni Gallery and Museum but, trust me, you will certainly enjoy the change of pace.

Unlike other museums mentioned in this article, the Red House Kagbeni Gallery and Museum is more of a historical site. For one, it has a remote location, it being situated in the quaint little town of Kagbeni.

Formerly a lodge, the Red House has been renovated and is now reserved as a showroom for the numerous artifacts housed therein. The Red House has served various purposes all throughout history and has, in fact, even become a nunnery. If you ever find yourself in the remote location of Kagbeni, make sure to not miss looking at the Tibetan prayer wheels, thangka paintings, and even Himalayan fossils on display in the Red House.

Nepal has so much to offer by way of culture and history, so tourists will certainly benefit from paying visits to at least the most popular museums in the country. If you intend to stay in Nepal for an extended period of time, then all the more will you appreciate the country’s museums. After all, understanding how Nepal became the country that it is today will give you an insight on local sensibilities, as well as a newfound appreciation for local customs and traditions. And not only that – since museums are common destinations for tourists, they are also great venues for finding fellow travelers.

Nepal Nightlife

Nestled in the Himalayas with scenic views of various peaks and a picturesque scenery, tourists all over the world tend to flock to Nepal for the scenery, the culture, and the adventure. True enough, Nepal has cemented its place among the world’s top hiking and trekking destinations, to the point that its government had to put in place formal regulations with regard to hiking and trekking the country.

That said, there appears to be a common misconception among tourists that Nepal is all about the quaint little villages and the lush breathtaking scenery. If you are looking for some after hours fun reminiscent of big cities, Nepal also has something to offer.

Does Nepal have a great nightlife?

The answer depends on how you define “great”. That is to say – you cannot find a lot of places where you can stay until the wee hours of the morning, but there is significant nightlife in Nepal. Not to mention the fact that the Nepalis are naturally warm, hospitable, and accommodating, so you will find no difficulty in finding locals to hang out with. Also, with so many tourists flocking to Nepal especially during the peak hiking and trekking seasons, you will inevitably run into fellow tourists and travelers.

If you are looking for a vibrant nightlife, then you should hang out in Kathmandu, Sundhara, Thamel, and Durbarmag. Note, however, that for security reasons, clubs and bars typically close around midnight. If you want to dance and drink the night away, however, you might want to party in Thamel or Durbarmag where clubs are open until around 3 AM.

Unfortunately, if you are looking to meet locals, Thamel and Durbarmag are not the most ideal places to visit as these spots are considered by locals to be too expensive.

What spots should you visit to experience nightlife in Nepal?

Nepal NightlifeNepal might seem like a cozy landlocked country, but its nightlife is by no means a snooze fest. That is, as long as you know where to spend the night. To help you experience Nepali hospitality in the context of great drinks, great music, and even greater company, here is a list of clubs and bars you should definitely check out in Nepal:

1) Karma Bar and Lounge

For those who really love to dance, the Karma Bar and Lounge in Kathmandu is certainly the place to be. In fact, this bar and lounge is hailed as the best dance bar in Nepal – and with great reason. The weekend scenes at the Karma Bar and Lounge are particularly noteworthy, and it is visited by locals and tourists alike. The live music performances are also much awaited, making it popular among various age groups. The bar is open from 7 PM to 2 AM, so you can certainly dance to your heart’s content.

2) Club Déjà Vu

Located in Durbarmag, Club Déjà Vu is easily one of the most popular – and most advanced – nightclubs in Nepal. This club covers a staggering expanse of 20,000 square feet, with enough seating space for around 2,500 people, two VIP rooms, and a separate lounge. The club is designed industrial style, but with high-tech equipment. Both the lighting and sound system are cutting-edge. Love dancing? You are in luck because Club Déjà vu has not one, but two levels of dance floors, with the first floor being members-only. Worried you might not be able to get a drink? Well, fret not because the club has three fully-equipped bars.

3) Purple Haze Rock Bar

Located in Thamel, the Purple Haze Rock Bar is another popular spot for tourists who want to experience the vibrance of the Nepali nightlife. This bar always has great events, and its live music performances from DJs, bands, and other performers are certainly worth seeing. In addition to being a great spot for dancing and enjoying live music, the Purple Haze Rock Bar also offers great food and drinks, so it is a must-see for the foodie as much as for the party-goer.

4) Rum Doodle

Of course, nightlife is not just about dance halls and Rum Doodle is testament to that. Awarded by no less than Time Magazine, this bar in Kathmandu is a great place for hanging out and getting a couple of drinks with friends (or fellow tourists hanging out, if you feel like socializing). This bar is particularly frequented by mountaineers, and it is easy to see why. The bar is named after The Ascent of Rum Doodle, a spoof of books related to mountaineering. In addition, its interiors are also unique, with displays of footprints of famous mountaineers. The only downside? The bar closes at 10 PM, but then you could visit it as early as 10 AM.

5) Kathmandu Durbar Square

Nepal NightlifeIf you are not really into dancing or drinking but still want to experience nightlife in Nepal, then just head to the Durbar Square. Open 24 hours, the Durbar Square is easily the busiest and among the most popular places in Nepal. You will meet all sorts of people while exploring the stalls at the square, and you can do a lot of shopping while in the area. Aside from being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the square also houses popular cafes such as the NewaChae and the Shisha Café which are both very popular for their Newari and Nepali dishes, and the Clay Pit which features Indian cuisine.

Nepal might not be able to approximate the nightclub scene in bigger cosmopolitan cities, but its nightlife is nowhere near boring. If anything, Nepal nightlife features a unique mixture of bustling city-life fun against a backdrop of cultural heritage. Plus, if you want to meet a lot of people of various nationalities on your night out, then Nepal nightlife will certainly not disappoint. With tourists from all over the world routinely making the rounds in popular nightlife spots, you certainly will not have a difficult time finding new friends and, who know, maybe a companion for your hiking adventures.

Top Luxury Resorts in Nepal

Given its superb location affording tourists a great view of the Himalayas, as well as a plethora of outdoor activities, it is not surprising to find that Nepal is typically a destination for the adventurer or the thrill-seeker. That said, it is quite understandable when non-adventurous types get a little intimidated about going to Nepal on a vacation.

If you are worried that you might not have a good time in Nepal because you are not exactly into hiking, trekking, or mountaineering, then trust me, there is no need to fret. While the hiking trails and majestic peaks of Nepal are certainly among the country’s main selling points, that does not mean that the country has no place for travelers who want to wind down and relax.

On the contrary, Nepal actually caters to tourists who want to chill on their getaway. So, if going trekking is not exactly the highlight of your itinerary, you might want to consider paying a visit to Nepal’s numerous sacred and historical sites instead, and rest and relax at one of the top luxury resorts in the country.

What are the top luxury resorts in Nepal?

Nepal is a backpacking country so there is no shortage of cheap lodges and hostels all over the country, but that does not mean that you would not find luxury accommodations in the country. If you are not sure where to book accommodations for your stay, here is a list of some of the top luxury resorts in Nepal which you should definitely check out:

1) Hyatt Regency

Top Luxury Resorts in NepalThis is easily one of the most popular luxury resorts in Nepal, owing to the fact that Hyatt is well-known all over the world for its topnotch services. The Hyatt Regency in Nepal is perfect for tourists who want to enjoy the rich heritage of Nepal but with a little bit of luxury thrown in. The Hyatt Regency is a full-service hotel with a 24/7 front desk, and a designated travel desk to take care of your bookings.

Aside from the great amenities in the Hyatt Regency and the five-star treatment guests always get, this luxury resort is also located at a premium location. Hyatt Regency is a mere four-kilometer drive from the Tribhuwan International Airport and is near a UNESCO World Heritage site.

2) Crown Plaza Kathmandu-Soaltee

Top Luxury Resorts in NepalFor those who are going to Nepal on business but still want to squeeze in a little downtime, the Crown Plaza Kathmandu-Soaltee might just be the perfect luxury resort. Located smack in Kathmandu’s business district and a mere nine-kilometer drive from the Tribhuwan International Airport, business travelers would not have any problems getting around the city.

The Crown Plaza also has a panoramic of Kathmandu, so one can take in the sights of the city after a long day. The hotel also has a pool, gym, and even a wellness center where one can have steam baths or a massage. Crown Plaza also offers a complimentary breakfast buffet and the hotel serves great Indian food.

3) Gokarna Forest Resort

Top Luxury Resorts in NepalFor nature lovers, the Gokarna Forest Resort is an obvious strong contender. Housed within the Gokarna Forest and at the outskirts of Kathmandu, this luxury resort is the perfect accommodation for individuals who want to take a break from the hustle-bustle of city life but without having to go all the way to a remote location.

The resort itself is quite scenic and provides a great view of the nearby landscape. The architecture is likewise breathtaking, seeing as it is reminiscent of traditional Nepalese designs. Also, if you are into Thai cuisine, this luxury resort is also a must-visit.

4) Radisson Hotel Kathmandu

Top Luxury Resorts in NepalLocated near the famous Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, the Radisson hotel is an easy favorite among locals and tourists alike. Aside from its amenities and top-class services, Raddison Hotel boasts of its exquisite terrace garden where one can enjoy the view of the surrounding area, all while enjoying a great cup of tea.

As with the other famous luxury resorts in Nepal, Radisson Hotel also has great dining options, with its indoor coffee shop serving mouthwatering buffets for both lunch and dinner.

5) Dwarika’s Hotel

Top Luxury Resorts in NepalOne cannot round up the top luxury resorts in Nepal without mentioning Dwarika’s Hotel, an award-winning heritage resort located in Kathmandu. Taking over 30 years to construct, this luxury resort receives more than 3000 visitors each day. Aside from its amenities, what sets Dwarika’s apart from other luxury accommodations is the its unique courtyard setting against a backdrop of traditional Nepalese-style accommodations.

That said, Dwarika’s is notable for its role in the preservation of Nepalese culture and heritage. The dedication to the preservation of Nepalese heritage is astounding and can be seen in the repurposed wooden carvings made from remains of old Kathmandu buildings. The Newari tradition was also employed in the construction of this luxury resort, that is, the bricks used in construction have carvings and various designs, making the hotel quite unique.

6) Club Himalaya Nagarkot

Top Luxury Resorts in NepalIf you are looking for a more exclusive luxury resort in Nepal, the Club Himalaya Nagarkot might just be the accommodation for you. This resort is 32-kilometer away from Kathmandu and is located on a picturesque hill with a great view of the Himalayan mountain ranges.

Aside from the resort’s amenities, what makes it remarkable is its 360-degree view of the Indrawati Valley, the Nagarkot Hills, Mount Annapurna, Mount Everest, and even Kathmandu. if you do not want to go hiking but still want to enjoy the view, you should check out this luxury resort.

The great thing about luxury resorts in Nepal is that most of them still provide great views of the Himalayan ranges and the surrounding landscapes, so you do not have to be the outdoorsy type to enjoy the breathtaking Nepalese scenery. In addition, a lot of the top luxury resorts in the country are located near major cities, so you would not have much of a problem getting around and exploring famous tourist spots.