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Before embarking on trekking trips, keep one thing in mind: you are on a new land and you have no information or limited information about it. Though trekking in Nepal necessarily does not need to take the service of trekking agencies, it might be good to have one for a number of reasons.

Trekking routes in Nepal are mostly at high altitudes and there is a risk of high altitude sickness and other altitude-borne diseases. Having a guide could help to monitor and advice you on acclimatisation and general prevention.

Another advantage of travelling through agencies is that you will benefit of years of experience. Guides and trekking personnel will show you places of interest, provide you with detailed information about the places that you are visiting and ask local people about trail conditions and help you learn a bit of Nepali. This could make your trip memorable.

Many trekkers still travel on group treks organized abroad, but it is also possible to arrange an organized trek directly with a company by email, fax or telephone or once you arrive in Kathmandu or Pokhara, there are more than 600 registered companies in Nepal and they all are true professionals. Many people prefer to avoid the daily haggling for food and shelter. Most trekking companies offer a package that includes a guide, porter and accommodation for a fix daily rate.

By taking the service of trekking agencies, you will employ local people. Your contribution may seem small, but it makes big impact on the lives of people in rural areas.

If you have little or no experience travelling in Asia, consider joining an organized trips. Prices of the treks vary significantly depending on the destination, the number of days, the mode of transport and the size of the group; when you arrange a trek be specific in your communications. You can find a complete list of registered trekking companies in this web site, browse through their sites and consider the options.

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